9 Hockey Stick Handling Tools

Stick handling is one of the most important (and most difficult to learn) skills for a hockey player. These hockey stick handling tools are great for getting that edge in your training.

Many of these aids will work great on or off the ice.

Stick handling is something that all hockey players at any position need to be good at.

If you can’t control the puck then you can’t pass, skate with it, score, or even defend effectively. These devices are perfect to work into a comprehensive skill training routine and make practicing a little more fun.

1. Fast Hands Professional

Go visit any ice hockey training camp or practice session and you are bound to see one of these simple yet effective tools called the Fast Hands Professional.

The Fast Hands Professional is made of 1″ diameter steel pipe that is shaped like half of an octagon and sits a few inches above the ice. The goal is to be able to maneuver the puck in and out of the sections under the pipe in various patterns while maintaining control and not hitting the posts that it stands on. It seems simple, and it is in theory, but it can get as complicated and as difficult as your skill level will allow.

The Fast Hands Pro comes with a number of drills for you to try and you can also design your own to work on specific aspects of your stickhandling.

You can find the latest pricing HERE.

2. Hockey Revolution My Enemy Pro

The My Enemy Pro from Hockey Revolution is similar in concept to the Fast Hands but it takes it to another level.

The My Enemy Pro consists of a series of 7 interlocking segments each about 20.5″ wide. The goal, like before, is to maneuver the puck under and between the training aid segments without touching it. But there are a few things that make the My Enemy unique (besides the fact that it’s made in Sweden).

First, the joints where the segments connect are hinges so the whole device an be arranged in whatever shape you want. This is useful because you can have it in a straight line while skating forward and then also arrange it in the half octagon shape of the Fast Hands for different drills. Second, it comes with a smartphone app that contains drills as well as a stickhandling ball that fits under the segments for training on dry land.

You can find the latest pricing HERE.

They also have a non-Pro version that comes with 5 segments.

3. Linwood Hockey Puck Handling Trainer

The Linwood Hockey Puck Handling Trainer is similar to the My Enemy although it is a little more simple (and less expensive).

You can create a variety of patterns with the Linwood but it only contains 4 segments. However, it is cheaper and can be weighted down with pucks by placing them inside the round areas that connect each of the segments.

This training aid may be better suited for on ice use with younger players as it is more simple than the others above.

You can find the latest pricing HERE.

4. ACON Wave Infinity Triangle Passer

This is the first “passer” on the list. Every team or player should have one of these.

The ACON Wave Infinity Triangle Passer is a triangle shaped device that sits on the ice (or smooth surface) about a few inches tall. It contains rubber bungee type cables connecting each of the joints. You can slide the puck at this device and if you hit the bungee in the center of the joints, it will come off the Passer at the same angle.

You can either practice quick passing back and forth with the device (without having to worry about having a teammate) OR you can use it on the ice to practice one timers on your own. Just pass it in the right spot and get ready for the return pass. This training aid works great in conjunction with the ones above so you can incorporate passing into your stickhandling drills to develop soft and quick hands.

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A very similar alternative is the Sniper’s Edge Pass Master. They are both great tools and the choice really comes down to personal preference.

5. ACON Wave Infinity Dangler

The ACON Wave Infinity Dangler is kind of a combination of the stickhandling devices above and the ACON Triangle Passer.

It is a three segment stickhandling trainer where the middle segment has a rubber cord (they call it a “rebounder band”). The point of this is that the same device can be placed on ice and be used as part of a larger drill that includes passing to the roubounder section and stickhandling in and out of the other segments. It also attaches to the Triangle Passer to form a larger device and you can add on a second Dangler as well. It seems a bit complicated but may be exactly what you need for certain drills.

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You can also get both ACON training aids together with the ACON Wave Ultimate Dangler Package

6. Sniper’s Edge Hockey Attack Triangle

The Sniper’s Edge Attack Triangle is basically a simulation of a defending player (that never moves of course).

It has a stick blade and two skates (forming the triangle). The intent of this aid is to simulate the presence of a defensive player and to train the player with the puck to be able to stickhandle and maneuver the puck away from the stick or between the defenseman’s feet. In reality it is more of a simple puck control exercise because real defensemen move when you skate near them.

It certainly can be useful for puck handling and skating drills,  especially if you use a few of them in one drill and set them up in the portions of the ice where a puck carrier can expect to encounter resistance.

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7. Danglator Hockey Stickhandling Aid

The Danglator has an interesting name and a more interesting training concept.

It is a small device that fits in your bottom hand outside of your hockey glove and is designed to prevent your bottom hand from gripping the stick, forcing you to use the top hand to control the puck. It is supposed to increase wrist strength and speed of the top hand and teach a player to have greater control and range of motion of the stick by allowing it to slide in the bottom hand.

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8. Smart Hockey 6oz Stick Handling & Shooting Training Ball

The Smart Hockey Training Ball is perfect for off ice stick handling training as well as warming up before a game.

It doesn’t get any more simple than this little ball. It is designed for stickhandling, shooting, and passing. It is weighted and has a two piece construction that allows it to behave and feel like a puck. It is also extremely durable. I’ve had one of these little guys for years and after hundreds of hours practicing on the driveway, it still works great. Every hockey player should have one of these in their bag at all times.

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9. Hockey Revolution Professional Training Flooring Tile

Now that you have all the the best hockey stick handling tools, you need someplace to use them. Ice time is expensive so grab the Hockey Revolution Professional Flooring Tile to work on your skills.

This is a great thing to have at home to work on your stick handling skills. It even has a rebounder on each side to work on passing. It works with regular ice hockey pucks or street hockey pucks. PRO TIP: Use some Plegde furniture cleaner to keep the surface nice and slick.

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